Residential Sanitization

Get you Residence sanitized

There is a vast difference between cleaning and disinfecting a home. Cleaning solutions are great for removing dirt and grime, while disinfecting solutions work to kill germs, bacteria and viruses.

Our professional Residential sanitization services, create a better and safer environment for your family. We will help you and your home fight against the dreaded Corona and other germs & viruses.

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Trained Personnel following the requisite safety norms

The entire sanitization process by Vaccifire conforms to standard procedures laid down by
relevant authorities.

All our Technicians have undergone intensive training in Safe and Efficient sanitization processes
• They wear SITRA approved PPE kits / bodysuits on site
• The PPE kit is discarded after every site visit, considering safety of all concerned
• All our technicians are regularly certified fit by qualified doctors.